Affiliate Program

Start to make money today by providing your customers with clean and anonymous coins

Crypto Mixer Affiliate Program

By registering to our affiliate program, you will receive access to a private affiliate dashboard to manage your account.

Affiliate Link

You will be provided a unique and dedicated affiliate link to our website, such as:

Whenever you send a customer through this link (by sharing it), a commission of 0.5% of the amount mixed by your customer will be send to your wallet.

Seamless API

You can intregate our mixing service to your own critpo mixer website using our API. This is a perfect solution if you wish to create your own crypto mixer's brand, because your customer will not have to leave your website to mix their coins and be provided with clean and anonymous coins. You will also get a commission of 0.5% of any amount mixed through our API.
More info about our API can be found Here.