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Our leitmotiv is to save the privacy of all our customers by providing them with clean coins

Dear Users,
Welcome to The Crypto Mixer, the leading service for Crypto-Currencies Anonymization!
Our team would like to thanks all of you for using our services.

* Any user willing to mix more than $1,000,000 at once, please Contact us first so we can supervise the whole process.
* However, for transactions inferior to $1,000,000 you can use our mixers as usual.

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Easy to Use

Using our crypto mixers is so simple, that even a mixing beginner can do it easily.

Faster than Fast

Thanks to our large amount of mixers, we can mix your coins almost immediately.

High Transactions

Using our mixer allows you to mix coins for an equivalent dollar value of $200,000



Mixing your coins with our mixer will break any trails between your old and new wallet.

No Logs Policy

TheCryptoMixer does not store any logs, not even your IP address.

No Account/KYC

TheCryptoMixer requires no account registration, and does not comply with KYC.